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vSAN 8: Architecture and Essential Terminology

This is part of the VMware vSAN guide post series. By using the following link, you can access and explore more objectives from the VMware vSAN study guide. vSAN, or VMware vSAN, as mentioned in the previous post is a software-defined storage solution that operates as part of the ESXi hypervisor. It operates as a kernel-level, object-based storage solution, offering […]

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An introduction to how vSAN stores and reads data in OSA and ESA

In this post, I will provide an explanation of how vSAN stores and read data in both OSA (Original Storage Architecture) and ESA (Express Storage Architecture) architecture to enhance understanding of vSAN. The explanation will start with the former OSA and then proceed to the latter and newer ESA, covering the data processing and storage aspects. The OSA architecture can […]

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