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Horizon View 7 – Configure Event Database

The event database stores information about horizon view events in a database. You create an event database by adding it to an existing database server and then configure horizon view to use this database for storing events.

Add a Database and Database User for View Events

If you are not familiar with the procedure to create databases on Microsoft SQL Server database servers, review the steps in Horizon View 7 – Install View Composer. After the database is created you need to configure the database in View Administrator in order to install schema.

Configure the Event Database

In View Administrator, select View Configuration > Event Configuration. Click Edit in the Event Database section, enter the information in the fields provided and click OK.

Configuring Event Database

In the Event Settings window, click Edit, change the length of time to show events and the number of days to classify events as new, and click OK.

Event Settings

Note that after this time, the events are only available in the historical database tables and will not be shown in the horizon view administrator.

Select Monitoring > Events to verify that the connection to the event database is successful.

Health Monitoring
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