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Add VMkernel adapter to a number of ESXi hosts

Currently, I’m working with a customer who was wanting to add new VMkernel to their ESXi hosts and the number of ESXi hosts is about 50. Doing this task by vSphere Web Client was a bit time consuming and it is worth to write a script to this task automatically in a few seconds.While I was working on scripting I […]

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How To Install VMware PowerCLI via PowerShell

The installation is done completely through PowerShell itself using the PowerShell Gallery via PowerShellGet. To install the PowerCLI 11, you just need to open the PowerShell with administrative privilege and type the following command to run the installation. Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI -RequiredVersion -Scope AllUsers PowerCLI will automatically be installed for all users. If you want to limit the installation to […]

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