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Remove configuration is grayed out in Veeam Backup

You may have created a CDP or replication job, but you no longer have access to the replication VM, for example, because your target host and repository are no longer accessible, or, like me, you deleted a CDP policy job, but it didn’t complete, and you try to remove the configuration, but you see that this option is grayed out! […]

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Detected an invalid snapshot configuration! – Veeam Backup and Replication

A customer faced the problem that replication of some virtual machines did not work as expected and an eOne customer told me on the phone that some of his virtual machines could not replicate and got a complicated error message, but the rest (about 90) of the virtual machines could replicate successfully. The error was interesting and I’ve never seen […]

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Veeam Backup – Hardened Repository

As an IT professional, you have heard about the word Ransomware time and time again and it has become a major concern of all types of organizations, from small to large enterprises. When Colonial Pipeline was hit by ransomware in 2021 and finally forced to pay for ransomware after hours of attempts, it was no longer an organizational issue and […]

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