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Add VMkernel adapter to a number of ESXi hosts

Currently, I’m working with a customer who was wanting to add new VMkernel to their ESXi hosts and the number of ESXi hosts is about 50. Doing this task by vSphere Web Client was a bit time consuming and it is worth to write a script to this task automatically in a few seconds.While I was working on scripting I […]

How To Install VMware PowerCLI via PowerShell

The installation is done completely through PowerShell itself using the PowerShell Gallery via PowerShellGet. To install the PowerCLI 11, you just need to open the PowerShell with administrative privilege and type the following command to run the installation. Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI -RequiredVersion -Scope AllUsers PowerCLI will automatically be installed for all users. If you want to limit the installation to […]

Horizon View 7 – Initial Horizon View Configuration

In this post, we are about configuring the Connection Server so that it can create pools of VDI desktops. We use the Horizon Administrator UI to perform these Connection Server configuration tasks. Before we create a desktop pool we must have the following parameters configured: Horizon 7 license vCenter Server user account – See Horizon View 7 – Prepare Active Directory […]

Horizon View 7 – Creating a Desktop Template

Horizon view uses a virtual machine template as the basis of the pool whatever it is linked pool or instance pool. With an automated desktop pool that contains full virtual machines, you create a virtual machine template and Horizon 7 uses that template to create virtual machines in vCenter Server for each desktop. I will spend more on this post […]

Horizon View 7 – Configure Event Database

The event database stores information about horizon view events in a database. You create an event database by adding it to an existing database server and then configure horizon view to use this database for storing events. Add a Database and Database User for View Events If you are not familiar with the procedure to create databases on Microsoft SQL […]

Horizon View 7 – Configure Certificate For Connection Server

For Horizon View it is recommended that you configure your VMware View Horizon Servers with a signed SSL certificate. After you enter the URL of view horizon administrator to log in, you will see the following error in the address bar that is related to the certificate. In this post, we will discuss how to assign a proper certificate to […]

Horizon View 7 – Install Horizon Connection Server

The Connection Server acts as a broker for client connections by authenticating and directing incoming user desktop requests. When you install the Connection Server, the Horizon Administrator is installed as well. The Horizon Administrator is the web-based interface for the management, provisioning, and deployment of virtual desktops. As an administrator, you can centrally manage thousands of virtual desktops from a […]

Where soft zoning is preferred over hard zoning

Zoning is an FC switch function that enables nodes within the fabric to be logically segmented into groups that can communicate with each other. The zoning function controls this process by allowing only the members in the same zone to establish these link-level services. Zoning includes three types: Port zoning or hard zoning: It uses the FC addresses of the […]

What is the minimum number of disks to meet the requirements of the application ?

The application I/O size and the number of I/Os the application generates are two important measures affecting disk performance and response time. Consequently, the storage design and layout for an application commences with the following: Analyzing the number of I/Os generated at peak workload Documenting the application I/O size or block size Storage requirements for an application are specified in […]

Horizon View 7 – Install View Composer (Linked Clone)

As I explained here view composer is a component which is responsible for creating linked clone pools from a specified virtual machine template. We have different types of desktop pools in horizon view and I will describe them in another post. To use view composer, you need to create a database and a data source name (DSN) to store view […]