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Storage vMotion fails with Error 195887107

I was moving a virtual machine from one data store to another that I faced with the following error

In the VMware documentation, it occurs on the virtual machines that have disks with the multi-writer attribute. While in my environment the virtual machine was not like this, after a bit of Google searching, I found a hint in one of the forums that said the error is related to disk size.


I added 1 GB of space to each disk of the virtual machine to re-size each disk by a factor of 1 MB and then I ran a storage vMotion task on the virtual machine and it completed successfully, but why 1 MB? because of the following description.

“The size of a virtual volume must be a multiple of 1 MB, with a minimum size of 1 MB. As a result, all virtual disks that you provision on a virtual datastore or migrate from any datastore other than the virtual datastore should be an even multiple of 1 MB in size. If the virtual disk you migrate to the virtual datastore is not an even multiple of 1 MB, extend the disk manually to the nearest even multiple of 1 MB.”



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