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Multiple vRLI triggered Alerts not Displayed in vROps

Last week, while supporting a customer with vRLI, I encountered an interesting challenge regarding notifications to vROps. At first, setting up the feature seemed relatively straightforward, and the customer started receiving notifications correctly. However, he had a specific requirement: he wanted to be notified when a host went into maintenance mode. Although I managed to set up the feature and […]

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vRealize Operations 8.10 – Create Super Metric

Super metrics in vRealize Operations are custom metrics that you can define using existing metrics and mathematical functions. They allow you to create new metrics that are specific to your environment and can help you gain deeper insights into the performance and health of your infrastructure. With super metrics, you can perform complex calculations and aggregations of the data collected […]

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Rightsizing Virtual Machines with vRealize Operations 8.10

Virtual Machine Rightsizing is the process of optimizing the resources of a virtual machine to match its actual usage by analyzing its CPU and memory. This helps ensure efficient workload performance and reduce costs. VMware vRealize Operations can automate the process by suggesting changes to optimize resource allocation, resulting in improved performance and higher resource utilization. In another post, I […]

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