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Zerto Virtual Replication – Reporting

In the latest series of the Zerto configuration series, we will go through how to create and make a report in the Zerto. If you missed the old post of this series, please check the following links.


Zerto Virtual Replication includes 7 types of reporting which are:

  • Outbound Protection Over Time
  • Protection Over Time by Site
  • Recovery Reports
  • Resources Report
  • Usage
  • VPG Performance
  • Backup Report

Log into the Zerto manager and the from Dashboard, click on the Reports.

ِDefault report is Outbound Protection Over Time, which shows the information about how much data is actually being protected against the amount configured. You can change the report type by clicking on the Report Type.

Protection Over Time by Site includes information about the virtual machines and the amount of data on the recovery site.

Recovery Reports includes information about recovery operations includes the protected and recovery sites involved, when the recovery operation was started, the time it took to bring up the machines in the recovery site, the RTO, and whether the operation succeeded or not, and any notes added during a failover test.

On the above page click on Expert PDF to save the report as pdf and see more details about the steps that have been taken in failover procedure.

Resources Report includes Information about the resources used by the virtual machines being protected to a particular site. After you choose the period time for the report, click on export to save it as an Excel file.

VPG Performance report is the performance graphs for all VPGs or for an individual VPG can be seen.

I hope that you find this series informative and interesting. if you have any questions or comments please let me know.

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