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Removing inaccessible objects in vSAN

This is part of the VMware vSAN guide post series. You can access and explore more objectives from the VMware vSAN study guide using the following link.

During several reboots of hosts in my lab, the vCLS virtual machine became inaccessible. However, a new one has been created, but old objects still exist in the vSAN. I see inaccessible objects in virtual objects.

In this post, I want to show you how to remove such an inaccessible object in vSAN. Just make sure to identify the objects and confirm that they are not needed and are safe to delete.

1- Open an SSH session to the vCenter and enter the command “rvc localhost” in the command line.

2- Navigate to the vSAN cluster you want to remove the inaccessible objects using “cd” and utilize “ls” to list in each step like this one:

3- Verify the state of vSAN objects using the command ‘vsan.check_state -r’. This check involves three steps:

  • Checking for inaccessible vSAN objects,
  • Verifying invalid or inaccessible VMs, and
  • Checking for VMs for which VC/hostd/vmx are out of sync.

During this check, as you can see in the following screenshot, there are four inaccessible objects with the same UUID as those listed in Virtual Objects within the vSphere Client.

4- To remove them, open an SSH session to any ESXi in the cluster and use the following command: ‘/usr/lib/vmware/osfs/bin/objtool delete -u UUID -f’, replacing UUID with the one you want to remove.

5- After you remove all inaccessible objects and run the vSAN check once again, you should no longer see any inaccessible objects.

6- And if you return to vSphere Client and check Virtual objects, inaccessible objects are removed and all objects are in a healthy state.

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