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Get ESXi Hardware Information with Command

While resting at home, a friend contacted me and said he was looking for hardware information from his servers because he was going to increase the amount of RAM and upgrade the server’s memory to higher size and asked me to help him in order to find the memory information such as empty slot and part number. Their servers are […]

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ESXTOP and Disk Performance Problems

One of the common problems in software-defined datacenters is the latency of the virtual machine disk which will slow down the application and increase response time. The virtual machine owner or user declares that its system is slow and the question arises whether the slowdown is coming from a virtual infrastructure or storage device or operating system and how to […]

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Add VMkernel adapter to a number of ESXi hosts

Currently, I’m working with a customer who was wanting to add new VMkernel to their ESXi hosts and the number of ESXi hosts is about 50. Doing this task by vSphere Web Client was a bit time consuming and it is worth to write a script to this task automatically in a few seconds.While I was working on scripting I […]

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