Expanding vSAN ESA Cluster Capacity

If your vSAN ESA cluster is running low on storage capacity or if you are considering expanding the capacity of the cluster, you’ll be pleased to know that the process has become even more streamlined and convenient with the introduction of its new architecture (ESA). In the original vSAN architecture or OSA (Original Storage Architecture), expanding the storage capacity of […]

Unreflected vCenter Events in vRops

I had planned to configure a new alert in vRealize Operations to receive notifications about changes to virtual machines including modifications to the CPU, disk, memory, and additions or removals of new hardware. However, I encountered a problem I would like to share. I attempted to create an alert that would capture all hardware configuration changes in virtual machines, to […]

Vembu BDRSuite Product Overview

In today’s digital landscape, data protection is of utmost importance for businesses of all sizes. Vembu BDRSuite offers a comprehensive backup and recovery software solution that helps safeguard critical data and ensure business continuity. With a wide range of features, including ransomware protection, instant recovery, offsite and cloud disaster recovery, and affordable pricing, Vembu BDRSuite stands out as a reliable […]

Multiple vRLI triggered Alerts not Displayed in vROps

Last week, while supporting a customer with vRLI, I encountered an interesting challenge regarding notifications to vROps. At first, setting up the feature seemed relatively straightforward, and the customer started receiving notifications correctly. However, he had a specific requirement: he wanted to be notified when a host went into maintenance mode. Although I managed to set up the feature and […]

vRealize Operations 8.10 – Create View and Dashboard

In the last post, I created a simple super metric, and now I want to show you how to create a view and dashboard for that super metric. Before I go through the configuration steps, I want to explain some terms in vRealize Operations. vRealize Operations displays the information you need in a variety of ways: with views, widgets, dashboards, […]

vRealize Operations 8.10 – Create Super Metric

Super metrics in vRealize Operations are custom metrics that you can define using existing metrics and mathematical functions. They allow you to create new metrics that are specific to your environment and can help you gain deeper insights into the performance and health of your infrastructure. With super metrics, you can perform complex calculations and aggregations of the data collected […]

Rightsizing Virtual Machines with vRealize Operations 8.10

Virtual Machine Rightsizing is the process of optimizing the resources of a virtual machine to match its actual usage by analyzing its CPU and memory. This helps ensure efficient workload performance and reduce costs. VMware vRealize Operations can automate the process by suggesting changes to optimize resource allocation, resulting in improved performance and higher resource utilization. In another post, I […]

Deploying and Configuring vRealize Operations 8.10

In this post, I will go through the deployment and initial configurations of vRealize Operations or vRops. Installing and configuring VMware vRealize Operations involves two main steps that include deploying the vRealize Operations Manager appliance and then Configuring it to access the Web UI using a web browser and work with it. Then you can access dashboards, views, alerts, and […]

An introduction to how vSAN stores and reads data in OSA and ESA

In this post, I will provide an explanation of how vSAN stores and read data in both OSA (Original Storage Architecture) and ESA (Express Storage Architecture) architecture to enhance understanding of vSAN. The explanation will start with the former OSA and then proceed to the latter and newer ESA, covering the data processing and storage aspects. The OSA architecture can […]

Configure Workspace ONE Access – Part 3

Welcome to another post in this series, but not the last! If you’ve followed all the steps I’ve outlined, you should already have a configured Workspace ONE and be able to log in to it, but there was nothing there yet! In this post, I’ll show you how to configure Horizon to give Workspace One access to Horizon resources such […]