Configure Workspace ONE Access – Part 2

Welcome to my VMware Horizon series. In the last post, I implemented and configured Workspace ONE Access and now I want to install and configure the Workspace ONE Access Connector. Workspace ONE Acces connector is a VMware Workspace ONE Access component that integrates with infrastructure such as Active Directory, RSA SecurID, and VMware Horizon to provide directory integration, user authentication, and virtual […]

Configure Workspace ONE Access – Part 1

VMware Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables you to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere. The VMware Workspace ONE Access is part of the VMware Workspace ONE solution. Workspace ONE Access delivers multifactor authentication (MFA), conditional access, and single sign-on (SSO), and acts as an intermediary to other identity stores […]

Deploy and Configure Unified Access Gateway

VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) is an appliance that acts as a security gateway for the internal network. It is normally installed in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) to ensure that the only traffic entering the corporate data center is traffic on behalf of a strongly authenticated remote user to enable secure remote access from an external network to a variety […]

Configure Dynamic Environment Manager

User profiles are an important part of desktops that should be considered in a virtual desktop infrastructure. A user profile consists of user-specific settings (desktop shortcuts, background, app settings) that are unique to a specific user so that every user gets his familiar environment when logging in to a desktop. This is especially important if the user has more than […]

Update an Instant-Clone Desktop Pool

To manage OS patches and software updates with instant clones, you can use the push-image operation for the patching process with zero downtime. You start by preparing a new virtual machine and snapshot and then scheduling a push-image. Horizon deletes old desktops that are unused and quickly create new desktops, for other desktops, it waits until the user logs off and then recreates those desktops. This approach eliminates boot storms, reduces storage […]

Deploying Published Desktops and Applications

In the last post, I configured the desktop-based pool and now I will show you how to set up a session-based pool to provide desktop sessions and deliver applications to many users. Horizon uses Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to provide desktop and application sessions to users. Horizon 8 Series: Create RDS Farm To deploy published applications and desktops, the following […]

Deploy an Instant-Clone Desktop Pool

In the last post, I configured the Horizon Connection Server and it is ready to publish and deploy new desktops. In this post, I’ll walk through deploying a windows 11 desktop pool. Horizon 8 Series: When we talk about a virtual desktop infrastructure, there are usually two ways to provide a desktop to a user: either you provide a single virtual […]

Horizon Initial Configuration

In the last post, I installed Horizon Connection Server and now I want to configure the Connection Server to be able to create pools of desktops and RDSH-published applications. This configuration includes the following tasks: Horizon 8 Series: Creating appropriate domain users and OUs 1- Log in to the Active Directory and open Active Directory Users and Computers from Server Manager. […]

Install Horizon Connection Server

In this step, you have to fulfill some requirements to be able to install the Connection Server. If you already have an Active Directory or a SQL Server, you can skip installing a new one. One design principle is to eliminate a single point of failure, however, since this is a lab environment, we are not considering this at the […]

VMware Horizon 8 (2209) Installation Guide

Since I am preparing myself for a new virtual desktop experience and on the other hand, I have not dealt with this product for two years professionally, I thought it would be useful to document and publish each step I take in installing a complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure based on Horizon 8. Each post contains a summary of the solution […]