VxRail, vSAN ReadyNodes, and PowerStore X!

Datacenter solutions are changing faster than ever as business development and new customer demands increase and legacy solutions are no longer suitable for today’s operations. Organizations need to develop new, modern, automated, and intelligent solutions to keep pace with business demands. One of the steps to achieving this flexibility for business continuity, capacity expansion, and disaster recovery is hyper-converged infrastructure […]

Veeam Backup – Hardened Repository

As an IT professional, you have heard about the word Ransomware time and time again and it has become a major concern of all types of organizations, from small to large enterprises. When Colonial Pipeline was hit by ransomware in 2021 and finally forced to pay for ransomware after hours of attempts, it was no longer an organizational issue and […]

ESXi indicate iSCSI device as “Not consumed”

Hi Everyone! Recently, I created a new LUN in Huwawi Storage and then went to the VMware vCenter to create the corresponding datastore. I created this datastore on one of the ESXi hosts and went to the other hosts and scanned the adapter. The Environment includes 3 ESXi hosts. Although the datastore was created successfully, when I looked at the […]

Zerto Virtual Manager GUI Session Timeout

By default, Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) web interface sessions close after 1800 seconds of idle time, requiring the user to log in again to resume using the client. You can change the timeout value by editing the tweaks.json file. Procedure On the computer where the Zerto Virtual Manager is installed, locate the tweaks.json file under this paht “C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\Gui” Edit the file to include […]

Storage vMotion fails with Error 195887107

I was moving a virtual machine from one data store to another that I faced with the following error In the VMware documentation, it occurs on the virtual machines that have disks with the multi-writer attribute. While in my environment the virtual machine was not like this, after a bit of Google searching, I found a hint in one of the forums […]

vRealize Log Insight – Windows and Linux Configuration

In the previous posts, I talked about how to install and set up Log Insight. Next, we configured the vSphere environment to send logs to Log Insight. In this post, I am going to talk about how to install the vRealize Log Insight agent on Linux and Windows operating systems to send their logs, and then customize logs so that […]